Choose from a range of essential formats: PDF, Google Docs and Google Sheets

Mail merge & document merge with attachments. 

For Gmail and G Suite

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Fully integrated with Google Apps 

and Google Drive 

Generate multiple documents online that are saved to Google Drive. Google Drive documents easily accessible 

"Fantastic Add-On! Easy to send personalized emails with customized pdfs with a few simple clicks! AND the ability to see who has opened their emails! Very prompt and helpful customer service as well!"

Nathan Erb

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Unlimited number of merges *
Unlimited number of documents *
Multiple templates available 

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Create personalized files with Google Sheets by following these simple steps:

Create your template with tags
Create and build the data source spreadsheet
Configure the Document Merge section
Check tags mapping
Configure Mail Merge section
Run the process and check the process reports

Create multiple documents in one click with Google doc or sheet as templates

Create and send mail with document attachments

Schedule your document merge and mail merge in the future or multiple times

Multiple template library

 for emails

Multiple free templates for emails to accompany your document creation needs.



Free until 200 merges      Includes Mail Merge     Includes Document Merge      

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               All Pro features                + Team of 10 users
    + Add/Remove users
   + Shared templates


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*Billed annually

Mail Merge & Document Merge with Attachments. For Gmail and G Suite

Work faster by automating the creation of numerous personalized documents in a range of essential formats - PDF, Google Docs, Google Sheets and email using Google Sheets and Docs

Document Merge

Mail Merge

Merge scheduler

How can you use G Merge Plus

Event Invitations
Thank you Letters
Training Programs
Monthly Reports
HR Reports
Rental Statements

Document Merge -  Automate personalized document generation 

Generate Documents automatically from a data source in Google Sheets. Create multiple documents at once.

Mail Merge - Create and send documents online

Create and send customized mail with document attachments. Send personalized documents to multiple emails quickly. 


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